Lease administration WEB

We manage your lease contracts without losing sight of any opportunity for optimization. We use a high-performance software to offer you the best possible service and reporting. On to of this, we also ensure the implementation of the right strategy: renewal, (re-)negotiation and site selection of new locations.

Adecco case: commercial management lease contracts
  • Kick-off meeting & intake interview
  • Review of your rental portfolio (rental dates and contracts)
  • Setting up your database in our special software
  • Monthly reporting of due dates & opportunity check from the real estate side (benchmark rental prices, local market situation, ...)
  • Formulating a recommendation with specific action per property (renegotiation, site selection new location, do nothing, request renewal)
  • Implementing the respective actions
  • Drawing up lease contracts / addenda with improved conditions
  • A thorough analysis of your existing data
  • Timely anticipation of upcoming due dates and opportunities
  • Substantiated actions that can be submitted to the business for validation
  • The right action / negotiation at the right time so that you have sufficient leverage for the property owner
  • A significant structural cost saving
  • Lease contracts that optimally cover your interests
  • A consultant who services exclusively tenants and totally supports your cause
  • An adviser who does not benefit from the nature of the recommended actions
  • A 'no cure no pay' success fee formula based on the savings achieved
  • A national database with over 10,000 office & industrial rental prices & over 6,500 retail prices
  • An integral approach from a spatial, technical, financial, legal and operational perspective
  • Adecco